Confidence Journey

The Confidence Journey

Confidence Journey is not like an easy beach walking, but like a cliff climbing which requires courage to face the challenges…

What kind of life are you living right now? Are you living a frustrated shy life? Are you living just like a passive coward person who want to do something but is so scared? Are you an obedient person who says YES to everybody and every request? If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then think about a more important question: Are you tired of living that life? Do you really want to change?

Is that even possible to change our Unconfident mindset or “personality” and start living a Confident life?

I have asked myself this question since I was 17. Well, back at that time I was an unconfident guy who was so afraid to do the very simple things that everybody else was doing.

I wanted to approach and talk to the girl whom I liked, but I couldn’t. Because I was so scared.

I wanted to express my feelings and my thoughts in the class or in a meeting, but I couldn’t because I was so freaked out.

I wanted deep inside my heart to defend myself against those jerks who mocked me and laughed at me, but I couldn’t. Because I was so shy (maybe coward is a better word) and I thought that if I say something bad, they will think that I am impolite. So I always looked down and moved on.

I was even afraid of rejecting the things that other people were asking me to do. Because I thought that if I reject them, they will think that I am a jerk and they will not like me anymore. I was so needy. I was so submissive. I was a real mess. I sometimes got worse because of my teachers or my relatives. They used to tell me that how polite and obedient I am.

But after my sweetheart left me when I was 22, I decided to change. I didn’t know if it is possible or not but I didn’t care. The only thing that I cared at that time was the fact that I WANTED TO CHANGE. I DIDN’T WANT TO LIVE A SUBMISSIVE, OBEDIENT, AND SPINELESS LIFE.

From that day on, I read every book and blog post about being confident, tried hundreds of different ways, and after experiencing lots of failures, finally I learned to live a confident life. I learned the real meaning of confidence, the best ways to gain confidence, and the strategies to live a confident life.

My journey was not an easy one and I faced lots of hardships, failed a lot of times, tried lots of ways that didn’t work, misled by the myths and misunderstandings, and lost a lot of opportunities. But I didn’t give up and finally found the ways that worked. Here in this blog I’m going to share with you all of these things. But I want you to know that the Confidence journey, is not an easy journey, it requires passion, it requires hard work, and it requires sacrifices. So if you, like me, are tired of living a boring life and want to change, if you want to live the life that you desire, and if you want to create the kind of life that you deserve, then you and I are on the same journey. The content of this blog will help you increase your self confidence and make your life to a higher level.

So please go ahead and comment below your story, your feelings, your questions or any other thing that you want to add.

Until our next article, embrace change, live a bold and confident life…

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